Tobin Bridge & Chelsea local traffic advisories through Dec. 14

This is a brief overview of construction operations and traffic impacts for the Tobin Bridge/Chelsea Curves Rehabilitation Project. MassDOT will provide additional notices as needed for high-impact work, temporary ramp and street closures, and changes to traffic configurations beyond those described below.

With the anticipated winter storm overnight Monday, traffic shifts have changed to Wednesday and Thursday nights. We will communicate if this timeline changes again.

Route 1 Lane Shifts

  • Roadway configuration changes on Route 1 in Chelsea, previously scheduled for November 24 and 25, have been rescheduled due to heavy rain and unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Southbound lane and northbound shifts on Route 1 over the Tobin Bridge and through the Chelsea Curves will now take place overnight on Wednesday, December 4 and Thursday, December 5, weather permitting.
  • Additional traffic shifts will take place on the Tobin Bridge and through the Chelsea Curves over the next 2-3 weeks. Exact dates are weather dependent and will be announced ahead of time.
  • These traffic shifts will create more continuous workzones throughout the project area and allow for necessary bridge deck repairs and safety improvements. 2 travel lanes will continue to be open in each direction on Route 1 during peak travel periods.
  • Drivers should take care to pay attention to all signage and move carefully through the work zone. Police details, lane markings, temporary barriers, traffic cones, signage, and other tools will be used to control traffic and create safe work zones.

Traffic Impacts

  • Route 1 Northbound: Approaching the Tobin Bridge from Boston, the workzone begins in the left lane. 2 of 3 travel lanes will be open during daytime hours (5 a.m.–10 p.m.) and at least 1 travel lane will be open during overnight hours (10 p.m.–5 a.m.).
  • Route 1 Southbound: Approaching the Chelsea Curves from the North Shore, the workzone begins in the left lane before the Carter Street off-ramp. 2 of 3 travel lanes will be open during daytime hours (5 a.m.–10 p.m.) and at least 1 travel lane will be open during overnight hours (10 p.m.–5 a.m.).
  • Fourth Street Off-ramp: The Fourth Street off-ramp will remain closed for approximately 1 more month. Northbound traffic headed to Chelsea must be in the right lane when crossing the bridge to access the Beacon Street off-ramp. After Beacon Street, the next opportunity to exit Route 1 Northbound will be at Webster Avenue.
  • Local Streets: Carter Street travel lanes passing under Route 1 continue to divert around the active workzone. Signs and police details will be used to guide travelers around the workzones.

Work Hours

  • Most work will occur in during daytime working hours (6 a.m.–2 p.m.) on weekdays. Some work will take place during afternoon (2 p.m.–7 p.m) and overnight hours (7 p.m.–6 a.m.) and on Saturdays (7 a.m.–7 p.m).

Summary of Work Completed

In the two weeks prior to December 1, crews continued demolition and installation of new bridge deck, repaired and erected steel, placed and waterproofed concrete bridge deck, power washed and excavated support column footings, and placed concrete columns.

Description of Scheduled Work

  • Route 1 Northbound: Bridge deck repairs will continue in the center lane over the Tobin Bridge until the workzone moves into the left lane. Bridge deck removal and installation of new bridge deck will take place through the Chelsea Curves.
  • Route 1 Southbound: Paint new deflector plates and steel repairs. Remove bridge deck and install new bridge deck through the Chelsea Curves.
  • Underneath Route 1: Replace and paint steel; install Safe Span platforms; power wash and paint columns and support beams; excavate, drill, and grout around support columns; erect steel; and place new concrete columns.
  • Ramps and Local Streets: Safety and crash barrier improvements continue on the Fourth Street Ramp as well as power washing, painting, and reinforcement of concrete support columns near Carter Street. Steel painting and repairs continue on the Beacon Street off-ramp.

For more information about the Tobin Bridge/Chelsea Curves Rehabilitation Project, visit the project website.