TAM on the record

TAM Testimony – Large Entity Reporting Requirement

The following testimony was sent today to Ms. Ngoc Hoang, environmental analyst at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Air and Waste. It concerns 310 CMR 7.41, Large […]

In support of legislation to meet the workforce needs of the trucking industry

TAM strongly supports House Bill 3522, designed to help meet the growing workforce needs of the trucking industry.

Transportation and Climate Initiative Concerns

TAM is committed to improving air quality in Massachusetts and supporting policies that safeguard the environment.

In opposition to a truck-only vehicle miles traveled tax

TAM sends letter to Sen. Warren detailing their opposition to any proposal including a federal truck-only vehicle miles traveled tax.

TAM Priorities

The Trucking Association of Massachusetts has a variety of goals and priorities for 2021.

One year later in a Pandemic: Trucking on the frontlines will continue to deliver

Truck drivers are in harm’s way every day in the middle of a devastating viral disease. Every day, they continue to deliver.