TAM on the record

Transportation and Climate Initiative Concerns

TAM is committed to improving air quality in Massachusetts and supporting policies that safeguard the environment.

In opposition to a truck-only vehicle miles traveled tax

TAM sends letter to Sen. Warren detailing their opposition to any proposal including a federal truck-only vehicle miles traveled tax.

2021 TAM Priorities

The Trucking Association of Massachusetts has a variety of goals and priorities for 2021.

One year later in a Pandemic: Trucking on the frontlines will continue to deliver

Truck drivers are in harm’s way every day in the middle of a devastating viral disease. Every day, they continue to deliver.

Trucking at the heart of the economy

Powering economic growth, raising our quality of life and now, during these unprecedented times, just making life possible.

America’s truckers are an important line of defense against human trafficking

Professional truck drivers are the eyes and ears of America’s roadways, playing a vital role in ending modern-day slavery.