TAM on the record

TAM fact sheet on current rolling stock tax

Legislation seeks to bring Massachusetts inline with other states, where an exemption from sales and use tax for rolling stock exists.

Environmental benefits of eliminating the tax on rolling stock in trucking

The elimination of the rolling stock tax will produce additional tax revenue created by the growth of the for hire portion of the industry.

Trucking in Massachusetts; How the Rolling Stock Tax impacts you

Help defeat the rolling stock tax! Massachusetts applies this unfair tax to trucking companies with substantial nexus to the commonwealth.

TAM Testimony – Related to legislation filed relative to autonomous vehicles

Massachusetts should consider the impact of regulating autonomous vehicles carrying passengers on the trucking industry as it begins to implement autonomous truck technology.

TAM Testimony – Concerning House Bill 3980, An Act to Promote Commercial Driving Safety

TAM submitts written testimony relative to House Bill 3980, An Act to Promote Commercial Driving Safety.

TAM Testimony – Opposition to House Bill 3129, and in support of Senate Bill 2141

TAM writes in opposition of HB 3129, An Act relative to the use of liquid calcium chloride on state highways, and in support of SB 2141, An Act relative to commercial fees.