TAM News

Governor declares emergency related to hours of service regulations

An emergency exists pertaining to the delivery of supplies, specifically propane and heating and fuel oil to customers in Massachusetts.

Imagine an extensive traffic jam – with electric vehicles

A Washington Post editorial suggests the snowy cold traffic jam would have been much worse if there were more electric vehicles on the road.

TAM chairman, trucking industry leader Ed Rodricks passes away

Ed proudly served as chairman of the executive board of directors with TAM, and was president and COO of Regency Transportation.

FMCSA extends Emergency Declaration 2020-002

This morning, the FMCSA extended Emergency Declaration 2020-002 to Feb. 28. 2022. Additional CDL and CLP waiver updates were published.

FMCSA to require rear impact guard yearly inspection

The FMCSA has added rear impact guards on the list of items that must be examined as part of the required annual inspection for CMVs.

Federal infrastructure legislation includes benefits for Massachusetts

The historic bipartisan infrastructure legislation will deliver for Massachusetts by repairing roads and bridges, improving transportation options, building a national network of chargers to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, […]

Trucking industry associations file lawsuit over vaccine mandate

The ATA, along with many state associations, is suing the Biden Administration over its employer-based COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Update now to the new FMCSA ELD public certificate

To keep your telematics devices in full compliance with the ELD regulations, you must take steps by November 12, 2021.

Tobin Bridge Chelsea Curves – Project Complete

Current update of construction operations and traffic impacts for the Tobin Bridge/Chelsea Curves Rehabilitation Project.

ATA pushes back on vaccine mandates

ATA’s Chris Spear noted vaccine mandates will result in additional disruptions to an already strained supply chain.