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TAM fact sheet on current rolling stock tax

Legislation seeks to bring Massachusetts inline with other states, where an exemption from sales and use tax for rolling stock exists.

Environmental benefits of eliminating the tax on rolling stock in trucking

The elimination of the rolling stock tax will produce additional tax revenue created by the growth of the for hire portion of the industry.

Pilot program would open long-distance trucking to 18-year-olds

A federal agency is proposing a pilot program to allow people as young as 18 to drive trucks across the country

Second COVID-19 relief package expected soon

The US House of Representatives is set to pass a second COVID-19 relief package – totaling about $900 billion – on Monday night.

Updated FMCSA COVID-19 guidance

Included are links to waivers, NEDDs and FAQs related to COVID-19 guidance previously released on Sept. 18, and now updated through Feb. 28.

Boyle Transportation on moving COVID-19 vaccine

In a recent CNBC interview, Andrew Boyle, co-president of Boyle Transportation, discussed the recent rollout of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Conduct Clearinghouse queries by Jan. 5

As a reminder, employers must conduct Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse annual queries no later than Jan. 5.

Diesel tax revenue for states steady during pandemic

During the pandemic, gasoline sales dropped dramatically, but diesel sales remained somewhat steady, providing needed tax revenue.

FMCSA clarifies ag products that qualify for hours-of-service exemptions

The FMCSA published an interim final rule clarifying agricultural commodity and livestock definitions in hours-of-service regulations.

ATA reports FMCSA Emergency Declaration Expansion and Extension

FMCSA announced an expansion and extension of the Emergency Declaration originally set to expire on Dec. 31.