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Hello all,

To say that we are in “unique times” is an understatement of course and we are doing our best to keep all of you up to date with the necessary information to help maintain your operations.

All of our online calls, Zoom meetings and information sent direct to members and non-members alike via our newsletter comes to you at no additional cost but of course a cost to us.

We are a small 501c(3) non-profit organization and rely solely on membership dues, sponsorship contributions, general donations and event revenue to sustain ourselves. Unfortunately our event revenue for 2020 is somewhat non existent at this time and that alone will impact our operations in 2020. As a result I am asking that you consider supporting us so we can keep the level of information and support coming your way thru 2020.

If you are already a member, I can’t say thank you enough. And an additional thank you to our current corporate sponsors, as your support means so much to us. With that said if you are not a current member click here to learn more about membership and consider joining.

If you are inclined to become a corporate sponsor click here to learn more about that as well.

If you are appreciative of our information and are willing to make a general one-time donation to support TAM, fill out the short form below and an invoice will be sent to you.

TAM will continue to bring the industry informative resources throughout 2020. We are working on multiple exciting projects and will continue to do so. We will be shifting much of our focus towards virtual meetings, events, training and on-going support that will be delivered accordingly. I believe our efforts so far in 2020 have been robust and our plan is to continue expanding those efforts.

I am hopeful that you will take our request into consideration and help us continue to make our offerings possible at the level you are accustomed to.


Kevin Weeks
TAM Executive Director

Trucking Association of Massachusetts

198 Tremont Street
Suite 456
Boston MA 02116