Legislative Activity Pledge

Hello all,

As 2022 continues to get back to normal, we continue to promote our industry, our accomplishments and our concerns at the State House and beyond.

We are a small 501c(3) non-profit organization and rely solely on membership dues, sponsorship contributions, general donations and event revenue to sustain our general operations.

We also have significant expenses regarding the vitally important Legislative advocacy that we undertake to achieve our mission and foster participation and awareness regarding a litany of issues that impact or could impact our industry. Through lobbying and other forms of legislative advocacy, we provide vital expertise and perspectives to federal, state, and local government decision-makers resulting in improved laws and policies for our industry.

I am hopeful that you will consider pledging funds to this effort that will be used solely for this purpose. We have been fortunate to have various companies pledge in the past and without these additional member pledges our advocacy efforts would have been impacted.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss our efforts on existing issues impacting our industry, so if you are inclined to pledge but would like additional insight please feel free to reach out to me via email.

Please review this page for brief synopsis of our accomplishments.

We continue to be actively involved in the ongoing rolling stock issue, one of the most important issues we are working on. Detailed information on this initiative is below.

Again, please consider a legislative pledge that will allow us to push the Rolling Stock issue across the finish line.


Kevin Weeks
TAM Executive Director

Trucking Association of Massachusetts

198 Tremont Street
Suite 456
Boston MA 02116