Tobin Bridge Chelsea Curves – Project Complete

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is pleased to announce that all construction activities for the Tobin Bridge/Chelsea Curves Project have been completed. MassDOT wants to thank the community of Chelsea for its patience throughout the project.

Before construction began, both the Tobin Bridge and Chelsea Curves required major structural and safety improvements. The two structures play a critical role as part of U.S. Route 1 in carrying over 84,000 vehicular traffic per day in private vehicles, MBTA buses, and freight trucks. With its completion, the project has improved conditions on and around the two structures. These improvements mean that the two structures will require less frequent maintenance and closures, reducing impacts to both drivers and abutters.

Project achievements include newly replaced and repaved decks, rehabilitated on- and off-ramps, newly installed snow fence, improved drainage, lighting, pavement, and pavement markings.

Underneath and around both the bridge and Chelsea Curves, there are improved and newly established parking lots, pedestrian and bicyclist improvements, and landscaping. As a thank you to the community of Chelsea for its patience, a newsletter has been produced to share these project achievements in greater detail and in pictures.

The newsletter can be found in both English and in Spanish. This will be the final look-ahead for this project. There will be periodic reminders of fare collection resuming on the Chelsea Commuter Rail and SL3.

Fare collection resuming on Chelsea Commuter Rail and SL3

The Tobin Bridge/Chelsea Curves project is complete, and transit support programs on the Commuter Rail and SL3 are ending soon. Normal fare collections with resume beginning November 1, 2021. There will be periodic reminders of fare collections resuming as the date approaches.