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Update now to the new FMCSA ELD public certificate

Note: This message applies only to ELD providers with devices that support telematics (web services and email) transfer. It does not affect ELDs that support only the local transfer option (Bluetooth and USB).

For those who have not completed the update to FMCSA’s new ELD public certificate, this is your final reminder before the November 12, 2021 deadline. On November 12, 2021, FMCSA’s old ELD public certificate will no longer be accepted. This means that, beginning November 13, 2021, ELDs that have not had the necessary software updates will not be able to transfer files via email.

To keep your telematics devices in full compliance with the ELD regulations, you must take the steps below by November 12, 2021.

Download the new FMCSA ELD public certificate

  • Visit the Develop and Test Your Device page in the ELD Provider Portal (login required).
  • Look in the Data Transfer section and click on FMCSA ELD public certificate (exp. 07/19/2024) to start the download.
  • Download the ELD Interface Control Document (ICD) for additional instructions.

Update your customers

Once ELD providers update their device software to use the new FMCSA ELD public certificate, they must inform their customers of the software update and advise them to accept the software update on their devices to avoid any interruption in service.

Deadline: November 12, 2021

The deadline for providers to update to the new FMCSA ELD public certificate is November 12, 2021, which is the date when the current public certificate will no longer be accepted. If providers have not completed the certificate update on their telematics devices by this date, their ELDs will not be able to transfer files to FMCSA via the email transfer method and the device will not be in compliance with the ELD regulations.

Can ELD providers use the new certificate before November 12, 2021?

Yes. While FMCSA’s system will continue to accept the current FMCSA ELD public certificate until November 12, 2021, as of September 9, 2021, the system also accepts the new certificate so that providers can begin the certificate update as soon as possible. ELD providers are strongly encouraged to complete this certificate update well in advance of the November 12, 2021 deadline to avoid any interruption in service to customers.

What if the device does not support email transfer?

If a device supports the local transfer option (both Bluetooth and USB), it is not required to support email transfer. If a device supports the telematics option, even though web services is FMCSA’s preferred transfer method, the device must support both web services and email to be considered compliant.


For further instructions, consult the ELD Interface Control Document (login required).