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Overweight Truck Detours – I-90 between Westfield & Lee

Updated on Jan. 9, 2024

Updated weight restrictions beginning Jan. 10

Based on feedback and information from the trucking community and impacts to the communities affected by the detour, MassDOT performed additional analysis to determine if weight restrictions could be modified on the Montgomery-Russell Bridge to allow heavier loads to travel along I-90 and not use the detour.

The analysis concluded that the weight restrictions could be modified to some extent. The modified weight restrictions are based upon a thorough assessment by the MassDOT Highway Division’s Structural Section, as well as changes made to the operations, equipment staging, etc., by the contractor.

If unforeseen issues arise during construction, weight restrictions may change, and the bridge may be posted with new restrictions for safety purposes.

The Montgomery – Russell Bridge along I-90 is currently under construction through 2025. The bridge is located at approximately mile marker 36 and spans US Route 20, CSX Railroad, and the Westfield River.

Due to the necessary repair work, construction staging, construction equipment loads, and travel lane shifts, it is necessary to limit the loads over the bridge and implement an overweight truck detour beginning December 4 and lasting through 2025.

This weight restriction and detour will not impact private passenger vehicles and most other traffic. Based on analysis of special permits and tolling data, MassDOT anticipates this detour will impact approximately 10 to 15 trucks daily.

What trucks are affected?

Loads over the below limits will be detoured off I-90 and onto Routes 10, 202, and 20. The detour will be in effect for two years and adds six miles to a trip. Overweight trucks will not be permitted to utilize the detour route during peak hours of 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Advance truck detour signs will be posted on I-90, and detour signs will be posted along the detour route.

Trucks with the following maximum weight limits are permitted to travel across the bridge as of Jan. 10:

  • 20 Tons (single unit two-axle, H20)
  • 45 Tons (single unit three+ axles, Type 3)
  • 50 Tons (truck trailer combo, Type 3S2)
  • 55 Tons* (truck trailer-trailer combo, Type 3-3)

Tandem trucks over the 55-ton limit must break down before entering Massachusetts (traveling eastbound on I-90) or in Chicopee (traveling westbound on I-90) at Exit 51.

MassDOT has a PDF showing eastbound and westbound truck detour routes and additional details concerning the detour.