TAM launches United Way campaign

The positive responses, posts, likes and words of encouragement provided by literally thousands of you (and growing daily) on our behalf has been overwhelming. The Trucking Association of Massachusetts (TAM) and Truckers all across Massachusetts, the country and the world are actively working 24/7 to deliver much needed food, medical supplies, life saving medicine and the necessities of life to millions of people daily. I could not be more proud to work in an industry that takes pride in doing what needs to be done. The sense of pride that runs deep in all truckers hearts is never more pronounced than in a time like this, a time like we have never seen before. Taking a quote from one of our members “THIS IS OUR TIME” and we will not let you down.

Please consider giving what you can. We appreciate the words of encouragement and please keep them coming but also consider making a donation of much more than words. Your donation will go directly to the United Way to help needy families across Massachusetts during these trying times. The Truckers Association of Massachusetts is a non-profit organization that has been proudly representing the Trucking industry for over 100 years.

Support our efforts by supporting our cause.