Volunteers needed: Canstruction Boston needs trailers and drivers

The Annual Canstruction Boston charity event brings together various architecture, engineering, and construction firms in the Greater Boston area to compete in building sculptures made entirely of canned goods. These canned good sculptures are then on display at the BSA Space and Atlantic Wharf through Oct. 25; their presence provides an engaging way for visitors to learn about the fight against hunger in Massachusetts. After the sculptures are dismantled, all the canned goods will be donated to a local food bank.

The 24th competition of design/build architecture and engineering, larger than life, 10 feet tall structures, made with no adhesives, only canned food (3,000 – 8,000 cans of food per structure) will be on display from Oct. 5 – 25. You’ll find displays across the harbor from the Children’s Museum at 280 & 290 Congress Street, Boston.

The Merrimack Valley Food Bank based out of Lowell, Massachusetts will once again be the recipient of our canned food donation.

This is where the Massachusetts trucking industry comes in.

Canstruction Boston is seeking two empty semi-trucks and two volunteer drivers for Saturday, Oct. 26. They will be asked to arrive at Pearl Street Alley (behind 280 Congress Street) at noon.

The trucks will be backed into the two-lane alley, the size of a two lane road. There will be a police officer to re-route traffic.

Drivers will not assist in loading or unloading, the food bank will provide all the labor.

Once the trucks have been loaded on-site in the alley over a two to three hour window, they will drive from 290 Congress Street to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank where they will back-up to the loading dock and wait while the truck is off-loaded.

The day, on average, is seven hours, including travel time from Boston to Lowell.

We’d like to have this set up for the team of volunteers at Canstruction Boston as soon as possible. If your company would like to donate equipment, and if you have any drivers interested in donating their time, please contact Kevin Weeks via email or by calling the TAM office at (833) 482-6277.

Check out one of the Canstruction Boston 2018 builds below.