Virtual Truck Safety Symposium

Members of the Trucking Association of Massachusetts have been invited to the 2021 Virtual Truck Safety Symposium. The three-week, online event provides attendees with the latest information on safety issues and compliance initiatives facing the trucking industry.

The symposium is a collaborative effort organized by Trucking Association of New York (TANY), NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, NYS Department of Transportation, NYS Police, the governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Symposium dates will be April 6, April 8, April 13, April 15, April 20, April 21 and April 22. Each date has two sessions per day. Most sessions are only one hour.

Event Information

For information concerning the symposium, ensure you monitor the TANY Learning Center. The at-a-glance agenda has been posted by TANY right here.

Week 1 – Technology

During Week 1, expect to learn about a variety of cutting-edge technology that’s available from vendors and manufacturers alike.

Week 2 – Training & Compliance

During Week 2, sessions will include information on using the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, DataQs, the Crash Preventability Determination Program, a review of the hours-of-service changes, and a panel discussing training, buy-in, and oversight among others.

Week 3 – Credentialing & Audits

During Week 3, attendees will hear from both agency and industry presenters, learning how to prepare for various audits and gaining valuable information on off-site compliance reviews.