TETC sends letter of appreciation to trucking industry

The Eastern Transportation Coalition (formerly the I-95 Corridor Coalition) asked TAM to pass on their letter of appreciation to our industry for the risks and challenges faced by truckers. They want to recognize your commitment to move goods efficiently and safely during this time. The Coalition’s Executive Board is made up of the Secretaries and Commissioners of Northeast State DOTs, including Stephanie Pollack, Secretary and CEO. Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

The text of the letter is included below, but you can download the PDF with signatories listed.

Dear Kevin:

As the nation’s supply chains face unprecedented challenges related to COVID-19, one of the most critical factors has been the ability to meet customer and public health needs in a reliable and timely manner. While each modal component of the transportation system has been an important player during this time, the trucking industry has been at the very heart of it.

On any day, but certainly over these last several months and continuing, the industry collectively and truck drivers specifically, ensure that critical supplies reach the doors of America’s businesses, homes, and medical facilities. The drivers have accomplished this not only with great diligence and dedication, but often with great personal sacrifice.

The undersigned, as the Executives of our respective state agencies and comprising the Board of the Eastern Transportation Coalition, give recognition and thanks for the outstanding professionalism and commitment of the trucking industry and its hard-working and dedicated individuals during this time. The Coalition, a partnership of State Departments of Transportation and related agencies, acknowledge and appreciate the role that the truck drivers and the trucking industry play every day in the well-being of our states’ and the national economy. With trucks carrying a significant portion of the 6.5 billion tons of freight moving in our corridor annually, this event has shown an even greater emphasis and importance to that role.

As we move ahead on the road to recovery from COVID-19, please extend our sincere gratitude to your industry members – the companies and the dedicated drivers. As our individual states and as the Eastern Transportation Coalition collectively, we will reach out to you and your members to discuss how to further support the critical role the trucking industry plays in moving goods in this corridor and throughout the nation.


Patricia Hendren, Executive Director, TETCoalition
Jennifer Cohan, Secretary, Delaware DOT Russell McMurry, Commissioner, Georgia DOT
Gregory Slater, Secretary, Maryland DOT
Kevin Thibault, Secretary, Florida DOT
Bruce Van Note, Commissioner, Maine DOT
John R. Cooper, Director, Alabama DOT
Joseph Giulietti, Commissioner, Connecticut DOT
Stephanie Pollack, Secretary, Massachusetts DOT

Diane Scaccetti, Commissioner, New Jersey DOT
Marie Therese Dominguez, Comm, NY State DOT
Eric Boyette, Secretary, North Carolina DOT
Yassmin Gramian, Secretary, Pennsylvania DOT
Christy Hall, Secretary, South Carolina DOT
Clay Bright, Commissioner, Tennessee DOT
Joe Flynn, Secretary, Vermont AOT
Stephen Brich, Commissioner, Virginia DOT
Shannon Valentine, Secretary, Virginia DOT