TAM partners with Aunt Flow

COVID-19 Disposable medical maskWe recently partnered with Aunt Flow to provide much needed masks to our industry. To say this is a unique collaboration would be an understatement and we wanted to be sure to say “thank you” and give you a little background on their company. Special thanks to Jen Severns for helping us put this together so quickly.

Aunt Flow was founded in 2016 by Claire Coder. At the time, Coder was 18-years-old, a college drop-out, and had a vision to ensure everyone had access to basic necessities. While Aunt Flow started out manufacturing menstrual products and selling to Fortune 100 and 500 companies, the business has expanded to PPE.

“At Aunt Flow, it is our primary goal to help. We call this people helping people. PERIOD®” said Claire Coder.  When COVID19 was on the rise, Coder decided to make the risky switch to moving all of their supply chain resources to production of masks and other PPE.

Now, the woman-owned company, based in Columbus, Ohio, is supporting millions in need of PPE, ranging from Veterans Affairs to the State of Michigan to Truckers in Massachusetts.

Aunt Flow is a registered FDA importer and supplies: 100 percent organic cotton tampons and pads, 3-ply masks, ISO gowns, booties and sanitizers.