TAM legislative committee meets with T4MA

As the Massachusetts legislature prepares to debate new transportation revenue options, TAM continues to meet key advocacy groups to exchange ideas and educate them about the trucking industry in Massachusetts.

On Friday of last week, members of TAM’s legislative committee met with Chris Dempsey, Director, and Charlie Ticotsky, Policy Director, from Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA), a diverse coalition of more than 70 member and partner organizations. T4MA has been a noted and vocal supporter of initiatives increasing the amount of revenue being directed to our Commonwealth’s entire transportation network – whether road, rail, water, transit or bike path.

The discussion focused on shared interests (i.e. reducing congestion, improving the quality of roads and bridges, reducing emissions, etc.) and shared hopes for additional revenue models. While there was some disagreement over the certain ideas about congestion pricing and vehicle miles tolled, there was a mutual appreciation for the concerns and impacts raised by each organization.

For TAM’s purposes, the meeting provided us with the opportunity to share insights as to what the real impacts certain measures have on trucking, generally, and Massachusetts trucking, specifically.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with groups like T4MA further to create transportation solutions that meet the needs of all transportation system users. Stay tuned for further updates about our transportation financing conversations.

In the meantime, many thanks to T4MA for their willingness to meet. For more information about T4MA, visit their website.