TAM continues trucking industry legislative support

The Trucking Association of Massachusetts (TAM) remains busy on the legislative and regulatory fronts during these unique times surrounding the COVID19 response.  On the regulatory side, TAM has been in regularly communication with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and its related divisions of MassHighway and the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Whether talking about the renewal of CDLs, medical cards, weight restrictions or routing, MassDOT and its divisions have been responsive and timely. Many thanks to the hard working men and women of MassDOT, MassHighway and the Registry of Motor Vehicles who have continued to support the trucking industry during this time.

In addition to regular outreach to a variety of state agencies, TAM has continued to push forward with its non-COVID19 related efforts so that when the Massachusetts legislature is able to renew its focus on non-COVID19 related matters, we can continue our progress forward.

To this point, TAM has discovered that the new “normal” of conference calls and video-conferencing has continued to allow us to “meet” with legislators.  In the past two weeks alone, we have been able to discuss the rolling stock initiative with Senator John Keenan, Chair, Senate Post Audit Committee; Senator Joan Lovely, Asst. Majority Leader; Senator Diane DiZoglio, Senate Chair, Joint Committee on Community Development, (Chief of Staff) and Senator Harriet Chandler, Senate President Emerita (Budget Director). As we continue to educate legislators about the rolling stock initiative, feedback continues to be positive.

As well, TAM continues to work with legislators on the Governor’s legislation to revise the laws governing CDLs. As you may recall, TAM identified four areas for potential amendment to address minimum driving ages, types of infractions preventing the acquisition of a CDL; the treatment of students currently in truck driver training schools and the use of the driver verification systems.

TAM continues its work on COVID19 and non-COVID19 regulatory and legislative matters before the Massachusetts legislature and state agencies.  As a reminder, if there are COVID19 related statutory or regulatory issues that are impacting your ability to work within the Commonwealth, please let TAM know.