St Jude Charity Challenge fundraising extended to Oct. 31

As many of you know, Fred Schenk of J & S Transport in Lynn, Massachusetts has been the driving force behind the Massachusetts Truck Driving Championships for many years. Many of you might not know though that Fred also runs a Truck Driving Charity Challenge every year. Unfortunately Fred and his group of volunteers were not able to secure a physical location for the event this year.

The Charity Challenge has sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to St Jude during the past 20 years. Even though he is not hosting the physical event this year, the Charity Challenge is sending a donations to St. Jude from drivers, families and contributing companies.

So far, Fred has received more than $8,500 in donations, please help push that number higher. Contributions can be through the N.E. Truck Drivers Charity Challenge donation page.

To make a donation online, click on the link and then click on “Make a Gift”. Enter your amount and follow the prompts.