RMV implements staggered IRP renewal mailing

Due to the current pandemic and to manage volume, all International Registration Plan (IRP) renewals processed through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) have been divided into two groups: renewals in May and June. The expiration month you have been assigned is your group designation.

  • May expirations are for Fleets 288770002 to 351880001 and have been mailed.
  • June registrations are for Fleets 20001 to 288760001, and are scheduled to mail approximately May 22.

All applications will be processed in the order received for the assigned month. If you do not process in your assigned month, your application will be processed in the order received after the current month. This may cause a delay in receiving your credentials.

This year, the RMV is only allowing mail-in and online IRP renewals. Click here for details on the process to renew.