Orange Line and North Green Line shutdown

The Orange Line shutdown and the northern section of the Green Line being shut down for a month will cause residual impacts to the “roadway” transportation network in and around the metro-Boston area, especially the north side of Boston’s I-93 corridor.

MassDOT Highway is working to ensure they are prepared on the roadway network and to support the movement of passengers along the designated routes on the bus shuttles.

Changes have been implemented from Route 16/Revere Beach Parkway West to Wellington Circle and down the Fellsway/Route 28 Southbound, then what comes out of Sullivan Square, down Rutherford Avenue, and over the Gilmore Bridge to Charles River Dam Road (Rt 28).

The most significant impact is the Gilmore Bridge, which has only two lanes in each direction but will accommodate bus-only lanes and NO LEFT TURN restrictions at either end (the left to Charles River Dam Road / and the left to the Rutherford on-ramp at Bunker Hill Community College.

Please review the graphics to assist you in adjusting routes if it applies to you.

gilmore bridge traffic