sumner tunnel truck strike over height

New Sumner Tunnel warnings due to “over-height” strikes

sumner tunnel truck strike over heightThere has been a sharp increase in strikes this year because of over-height issues. Here is a look at the past few years:

  • 2022: 31 for the year (Eight between Jan 1 and April 30)
  • 2023: 32 for the year (Six between Jan. 1 and April 30)
  • 2024: 21 so far between Jan. 1 and April 25

With the uptick of reported over-heights in the Sumner Tunnel, the following measures are being taken and/or are underway by the District:

District 6 of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has mobilized two variable message signs (VMS) on Rte. 1A SB just before Curtis Street. The two boards provide the following messages.

  • USE 90W TO 93 N & S

A project is also underway to use GPS and wireless digital communication platforms to deliver specific messages directly to the trucks’ cabs regarding height restrictions as they enter the driving routes.

Note that trucks are not obligated to divert to the Ted Williams Tunnel.