FMCSA educational tool concerning HOS regulations

FMCSA’s Educational Tool for Hours of Service (ETHOS) helps motor carriers and drivers better understand the HOS regulations going into effect on Sept. 29, 2020.

ETHOS is for educational purposes only and is designed to assist motor carriers in understanding the hours of service rules in 49 CFR part 395. The ETHOS identifies only potential violations, and should not be relied on by motor carriers to monitor or evaluate hours of service compliance. FMCSA does not retain any data entered in this application, and will not use the data entered for any purpose.

The information provided by using the ETHOS is not a communication from FMCSA, guidance, advisory opinion, pre-enforcement ruling, or other interpretation or application of law. Use of this ETHOS does not preclude enforcement or other actions by FMCSA based on violations discovered during roadside inspections, compliance reviews, or other inspections and investigations.