Cruz, Marks join TAM leadership board

The Trucking Association of Massachusetts is pleased to announce the addition of two additional board members. Rolando Cruz is the safety and recruiting director from Capital Driver Leasing, and Richard Marks is the president of 28 Freight.

We are looking forward to working with them in the coming years. We are always looking for people to become involved in our association beyond a basic membership. If you have any interest in a greater participation contact our office. If you are receiving our newsletter and are not a member but would like to hear more about us, visit the website and drop us a line.

Rolando Cruz
Safety/Recruiting Director, Capital Driver Leasing

Rolando is a Massachusetts Army National Guard veteran and a certified director of safety thru the North American Transportation Management Institute.

He grew up fascinated with trucks and had many family members influence his passion for the industry. He became a lease driver with Contract Transport Services (CTS) in 2004 and was employed with CTS from 2004 to 2013 during which time he became their lead driver trainer and driver mentor for new and current company drivers. In 2014 he was approached by Bill Crowley to become the operation manager for Capital Driver Leasing (CDL). After a few years he assumed the roll of safety recruiting director and has been in that roll ever since. He is excited to venture into the industry in a more global scale and assist companies to achieve their safety, viability and sustainability goals.

Richard P. Marks

President – 28 Freight LLC., d.b.a TruckCourier

The Boston-based Marks family have been in the freight transportation and trucking industry, since 1928. Rich joined the family at its Hub Group, Boston operation in 1985 and focused on providing intermodal, railcar, highway and logistics solutions to wide variety of shippers and industries. In 2005, Rich departed Hub Group after a 20 year career and formed Marks Logistics, a 4PL freight management company, providing supply chain consulting and logistics support services to small and mid-sized shippers across the North American marketplace.

Earlier this year, in a move designed to pave the way for continued growth, Rich and his partners formed 28 Freight and announced the acquisition of Marks Logistics and TruckCourier, the leading provider of expedited trucking and courier services in the Northeast.