Attleboro dedicated B2B service center opens May 26

Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19 and in an effort to continue protecting RMV staff, customers, and business partners, the RMV is opening an additional dedicated B2B Center at the Attleboro RMV next Tuesday, May 26.

This is in addition to the existing Milford, Wilmington, and Chicopee dedicated B2B Service Centers. New IRP transactions will not be processed at the Attleboro B2B but will still be conducted at the Milford and Wilmington Service Centers.

In following ‘social-distancing’ practices, these B2B facilities and services will be for drop-off B2B transactions / bundles only and not serve or allow entry to the general public. You will not be allowed to wait in any of these locations for pick-up.

The RMV continues to serve members of the general public on an appointment-only basis at additional locations, consolidated into the larger service centers, and has redeployed teams from nearby, closed offices to ensure staffing resources are available to assist customers and business partners like you.

Please note: Any B2B service requests that appear at the service centers that serve the general public will be redirected to Attleboro, Chicopee, Milford, and Wilmington RMVs.

In keeping with recommendations from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the RMV has also adopted enhanced cleaning practices for its facilities, purchased additional contactless hand sanitizer dispensing stations, issued anti-viral disinfectant wipes and individual-size hand sanitizers to certain employees, and expanded areas to be disinfected.